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Emailgistics lowers the cost of transactions involving email by streamlining, automating and personalizing the entire inbound/outbound email lifecycle, including connecting with customers using outbound email marketing, intelligently routing inbound email to agents, and facilitating accurate and prompt responses.

Empower Decision Making

Emailgistics brings measurability and insights to email interactions because it tracks everything! By delivering timely, relevant performance metrics on the complete lifecycle of your email interactions, Emailgistics empowers corporate decisions that drive constant improvement.

Reduce Email Handling Costs

emailtopia's Emailgistics empowers organizations to automate both the routing and response to emails so that existing business processes become more efficient and personnel become more productive. These improved efficiencies result in an improved bottom line and a rapid ROI.

Seamless Backend Integration

At the heart of Emailgistics is the ability to leverage an organization's existing ERP and CRM systems to route emails more efficiently and communicate more personally with customers. This integration can happen at every step of the email lifecycle; the result is an expedited workflow and improved productivity.

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